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Villa For Rent in Cimacan, Puncak

Villa For Rent in Cimacan, Puncak

The location of this villa is in Cimacan, West Java in Puncak, Indonesia. The Villa is situated in a mountainous area at Puncak. This charming Villa is set on 1.025 meters above sea level and offers you a fantastic view of Gunung Gede. Only 15 minutes to Cibodas Garden or Cipanas area.

The Villa has fully furnished rooms (1.470 m² lands and 440 m² buildings)
The Accomodation in Villa provides comfortable rooms to its guests. It includes: Wi-Fi Internet, 
3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms with Shower, Living Room with minimalize decor, Mezzanine Room, Hot & Cold Water, Refrigerator, Telephone, Kitchen Set.
The Villa equipped with many facilities like TV, Telephone, Badminton Course.

(It could accommodate 10-15 Guests, only for family)

Villa Sophia, Bumi Cimacan Valley
Jl. Raya Puncak-Cipanas, Blok CV VI G24 DE, Cimacan, Jawa Barat 43253
(near Resto. Rindu Alam II)

Telp. 0263-5011862
HP. 081-2904-8080
Whatsapp: 0813-3429-1373

The Pictures of Villa Sophia Cimacan Puncak

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